Tan-Fas-Tics Tanning Salon
                 Summer Hours: 
                                   Monday- Thursday 10am-9pm
            Friday 10am-8pm
                 Saturday 10am-5pm
             Sunday 12pm-5pm

                      Fall/Winter Hours:
                          Monday - Thursday 11am-8pm
 Friday 11am-7pm
        Saturday  11am-4pm
   Sunday 12pm-4pm
                                Tan-Fas-Tics Vision

Tan-Fas-Tics offers eight of the most advanced indoor sun units and the most highly regarded sunless tan products in the industry.  We are proud to have the range of equipment to design the perfect tanning and skin care plan for our clients.  We believe in the health and beauty benefits of indoor and sunless colorology and strive to exceed each client's expectations in service and results.  We're here to help you feel good and look great no matter the season.

Tan-Fas-Tics managers are certified by the International Smart Tan Network.  All staff are trained on the certification curriculum to offer you the most thorough consultation in the biology of the tan and maintain the most healthy and comfortable environment available.

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